Autumn Leaf & Green 3 Tier Lampshade


Fabric outer layers with white PVC lining.

Handmade in the UK.

Suitable for UK & EU Light Fittings.



This modern take on a tiered lampshade features 3 layers, the central one features our gorgeous Autumn Leaf fabric, complimented by two bottle green fabric shades. Our stylish Autumn Leaf pattern is a contemporary scandi style, of simple stylised flowers & leaves set against a crisp white background to help highlight the colours more. The leaves are earthy tones of greens & browns, and has blue flower highlights to give the pattern a splash of colour. Perfect for any room where you want a bold statement which will impress everyone who sees it.

Lampshade Size Guide
Diameter X Height
Listed from largest to smallest

Deep Drop – 63cm Total Drop
40cm X 24cm (16″ X 9.5″)
30cm X 21cm (12″ X 8″)
20cm X 18cm (8″ X 7″)

Shallow Drop – 40cm Total Drop
40cm X 16cm (16″ X 6.3″)
30cm X 14cm (12″ X 5.5″)
20cm X 10cm (8″ X 4″)

The utility ring is a fixed standard EU size (40mm) with a removable UK adjuster (28mm).

Please note that pictured is the Deep Drop style of tiered lampshade. For the Shallow Drop style, the scale of the pattern is not reduced to fit the smaller shade. Additionally, all fabric is cut from the roll, and as such, the exact placement may differ from what is pictured. If there is an obvious central element, we will ensure that this is displayed prominently at least once on the shade.

Additionally, your tiered lampshade may be despatched in two parts. As such, they may arrive at slightly different times, though we will despatch at the same time.

Additional information

Drop Size



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