Washable Fabric Face Mask, Re-usable Cotton Mask, Set of 4


These Washable Cloth Face Mask have been created to lessen the demand on single use disposable surgical masks and N95 face masks that should be made more available for front line health care professionals, nurses and doctors. Read more below.

some of the profits from this product are going to the various charities, being used to replenish fabric stock & cover operating costs

We are currently shipping masks within 5 business days.

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Our Washable Fabric Face Mask are zero waste and aimed to be re-used through out the COVID-19 pandemic.

designed to minimise the waste from disposable face masks we have started to produce 100% cotton washable fabric face masks. Our set of 4 masks have a simple pleated fold so they can be expanded from below the chin to above the nose. We also include 4, 50 cm cotton ties that are sewn in. These can be tied behind the neck and head or even tied shorter to be looped around the ears.

Price is for 4.
Now shipping tracked via Parcel2Go – from dispatch packages are reaching customers within 3-5 days.

we advise buying two masks, so one can be washed whilst the other is worn.



The sole intention of the these masks is for hand to face contact reduction. We make zero claims that our masks are in anyway medical grade or suitable in high risk areas.

These masks MUST be washed a minimum of once a day.
These masks MUST be hand washed thoroughly with soap, running water alone will not be sufficient.

Due to the increased demand our core focus on this product is to first, produce a secure and safe mask that we can dispatch as quickly as possible. As such we are not accepting returns for small cosmetic issues. This item is not a fashion statement, it is functional protective ware.

Due to the highly personal nature of this product we will not accept returns or exchanges unless the item arrives to you in a damaged state, such as with ripped ties or tears in the fabric.

These masks in are made in Darlington, UK, in a clean environment. We do strongly advise however that masks are washed at home before use.

40 degree wash. Re-shape when wet. Iron only on a low setting. Do not tumble dry.

Dimensions when flat:

Width: 20-22cm
Height: 8 – 11cm
Ties: 4 X 50cm ties.


We are currently sending masks from our workshop within 5 business days.

Masks are shipping via Hermes on a tracked service.


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