Tiered Lampshades

Discover our exciting range of tiered lampshades, which are ideal for adding a real statement light into your home. Our stylish 3 tier light shades combine two solid coloured fabric lampshades with a stunning patterned lampshade between them. We have a wide variety of patterned fabrics, which can transform your room with a chic contemporary style, a classic county look, or even into your own tropical paradise. We’ve also chosen a beautiful selection of solid coloured fabrics, from a soft subtle grey or a timeless jet black, or an on trend cherry. You’ll be able to find the perfect combination of two fabrics to suit your home. Our 3 tier lampshades look great hanging above dining tables or displaying in the living room, where all your guests can admire this amazing splash of colour & style. If you’re looking to create a real wow factor in your home, our gorgeous 3 tiered lampshades are an ideal choice.

Available in two sizes; our Deep-drop is great for older homes, especially those in the Victorian style, or above furniture where headroom isn’t an issue such as tables or beds. Our Shallow-drop is suitable for more contemporary built homes which have lower ceilings. A great way to add style to a room where headroom is a concern.

All of the tiered lampshades are backed onto a solid white PVC, which reflects light down the shade both internally, and onto the outers of the lower tiers. This makes the our gorgeous tiered lampshades beautiful & functional.

If you can’t find the colour & pattern combination you’re looking for, why not contact us & ask about it?
If you’re looking for something even more unique, such as more tiers or using a special fabric, why not enquire about our bespoke lampshade service?

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