Drum Lampshades & Light Shades

Discover our classic design round drum lampshades are a designed with luxury in mind. With a range of sizes and fabric options you will be sure to find a lampshade to suit your interior décor. We produce our lampshades in two styles, and you can explore both below.

Double-Sided Drum Lampshade

A simple but effective design twist, our double-sided lampshades feature fabric both inside and out. We don’t like to use coloured PVC because the choice is so limited, instead we would much rather source luxury fabrics to decorate our lampshade interiors. This has a stunning effect when viewing the lampshades providing as much beautiful detail on the outside as within. Why not see all the double sided lampshades we have to offer?

Single-Sided Drum Lampshade

Our single-sided lampshades are perfect for table lamps and bedside lamps where an interior fabric lining is not as viewable. We back our lampshades onto a brilliant white PVC to reflect light beautifully. You can explore the entire single sided lampshade selection, if this is your preferred style.

Do you have a particular colour or pattern in mind? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll endeavour to make your dream lampshade a reality.

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