Discover Light Owl’s amazing range of handmade bowed empire lampshades, with a beautiful collection of fabrics made up on the classic empire lampshade frame. Bringing an ultra-modern look to the iconic shape we offer a truly unique lampshade style, with all the trimmings, that will make people stop and say wow! We use only the very best lampshade trims, pompom’s and tassels to embellish our bowed empire lampshades giving them a textural and luxurious finish.

The bowed shape on a traditional empire lampshade is a timeless classic and perfect for table and standard lamps around the house and in any room. Best situated to living rooms and bedrooms to create a wonderful level of ambient lighting throughout the evening.

Do you have a particular colour or pattern in mind? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll endeavour to make your dream lampshade a reality.

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