Profits from our face masks are going to the UN Solidarity Fund, replenish fabric stock & cover operating costs 

Corona Virus has had a huge impact on the planet and manufactures are struggling to keep up with a rising demand for things such as N95 Face Masks and Disposable Surgical Masks. Light Owl seeks to lessen the demand on disposable masks by offering a low cost 100% cotton washable face mask. We believe the N95 and disposable surgical masks should be kept in reserve as much as possible for front line health workers, and not wasted by consumers on single use trips to the shops. These are relatively low risk trips where a re-usable zero waste washable face mask will suffice in providing surface to face contact reduction.  

We are looking to work with local crafters and charities to help get more of these masks out to the Darlington community in the coming months. If you are interested in working with Light Owl then please get in touch via the contact us page.  

  • Washable Fabric Face Mask, Re-usable Cotton Mask, Set of 4Washable Fabric Face Mask, Re-usable Cotton Mask, Set of 4 Quick View