Explore our stunning selection of gifts, all handmade by local artists & crafters specially sought after by Light Owl. These stunning products are sure to please any recipient, the perfect gift for friends & family.

This diverse collection of gifts has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for different candle scents, bunting to brighten up the room, wearable flower brooches, or hand painted slates.

Each one of these items is handmade to order, so may have very slight variances between the one photographed & the one you receive, though this only adds to the individuality of the gift.

So, why not browse our amazing myriad of unique, handmade gifts?

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  • Candle - Bedtime 2
  • Candle - Sea Salt
  • Candle - Patchouli+pine
  • Candle - Neroli
  • Candle - Bookshop 2
  • Candle - Cocoa + Log Fire 1
  • Candle - Apple Cinnamon 2
  • Candle - Cucumber 2
  • Candle - Wild Fig
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