I love working with lighting because of its ginormous variety and endless creative possibilities.

About Light Owl

Rab Moghal established Light Owl as a life style designer brand specialising in unique lighting options as well as handmade gifts and soft furnishings.  Currently Light Owl has a studio and retail shop based in Darlington town centre, North East England, where Rab makes all of his lampshades and interiors, by hand and to order.

“I set up Light Owl to fulfill a lifelong passion of working independently in a creative field whilst supporting craft, trade and businesses right here in the United Kingdom. I have always been driven by the creative process and sought education in a wide variety of different production methods. 

I love working with interiors, and lighting especially, because of its ginormous variety and endless creative possibilities. Working with fabrics, ceramics, electrics combined with countless production methods to produce truly unique items to live on in people’s homes and lives truly drives my ambition.”

Light Owl also works with as many British suppliers and companies as possible when sourcing parts, materials and fabrics. We also work with and support a network of independent artists and designers throughout our retail shop and website. If you are curious about any of our products, suppliers or associated artists and designers then please get in touch.