Rab Lampshade Maker
Day One: Rab Moghal in his new shop

About Light Owl: The story so far...

Rab Moghal founded Light Owl as part of his dream to work creatively within the home interiors market. He passionately believes that everyone should have a beautiful home at an affordable price. 

Initially, we were producing lampshades from our retail shop in Darlington, Co. Durham. However, response to our unique lighting was so incredible that we quickly outgrew that space. Now our production is in a separate dedicated building which allows our production team to keep up with demand. Our shop remains open and is the best place to see the lampshades in person. Click here for more information on our Darlington shop.

Light Owl continues to keep on expanding in every aspect. Within a year of opening, and despite a global pandemic, we have managed over 1,000 lampshade sales, brought onboard our first employee, developed several new product lines, moved to a separate dedicated production building, and exponentially grown our fabric selection.

But we won’t let the success move us from our core fundamental of producing high quality lampshades here in the UK, so that everyone can have a beautiful home.

About our lampshades

After setting up Light Owl, we swiftly realised that we needed to have a wide selection of fabrics to accommodate all tastes & interiors. That’s why you’ll find something for your home, whether you’re looking for vibrant tropical, classic country home, modern Bohemian, contemporary Scandinavian, or anything else. We’re always on the look out for new & stylish fabrics to expand our collection, so check back often to see what’s new.

Our signature products are our stunning double-sided lampshades, which combine a stylish patterned lining with a bold solid colour fabric outer. These creative lampshades are part of an exciting, and growing, home interior choice. Depending on the combination of fabrics, some lampshades produce a stunning silhouette effect when lit which completely transforms the look of the lampshade.

Every single lampshade is handmade to order by our highly skilled production team. They’ve spent years developing new techniques, and expertly honing their own skills, to create lampshades which reflect the high standards we set for ourselves. No lampshade less than perfect ever leaves Light Owl. 

Of course, it’s not all about our double-sided lampshades. We offer a wide selection of more traditional single-sided lampshades, stylish empire lampshades, as well as dramatic 3 tiered lampshades.

About Us - LS Choice
Another busy day for Light Owl
About Us - Fabrics
A modest selection of fabrics

About our fabrics & materials

We source as many of our fabrics & other materials from small independent British suppliers as we can. The vast majority of our fabrics come from local fabric shops, so when you buy a lampshade from us, you’re not helping just one small business but several.

Where this isn’t possible, we always use reputable UK suppliers to ensure that our materials are of the high standards we expect.