Budget Bedside Table Style, 3 Ideas for a Big Impact

If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom décor creating a stylised bedside table can be a quick way to bring hints of colour and design into your sleeping quarters. We have compiled a quick list of 3 budget bedside table style ideas that will spruce up your bedroom without breaking the bank.

1: Acquire a great lampshade to light up your beside table style.

Find a lampshade that you love and remember lamps and shades don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Light Owl, along with 100’s of other fantastic lighting makers produce wonderful handmade lighting options at accessible pricing. A great bedside lamp can not only completely transform your bedside table style, but even your entire bedroom. Think about the kind of light you want, the space you have and the style of your room, but don’t be afraid to go a bit crazy. In our regular public facing living spaces having a sensible and stylish light is a must, but our bedrooms are our own personal space, away from the world, so it should say something about you!

We love bowed empire and scalloped lampshades with funky patterns because they really make a statement and look fantastic on unusual lamp bases.

2: Create a secret garden with budget plants and succulents.

bedside table succulents

If you’re lucky enough to have natural light hitting your bedside area throughout the day, then there is a vast selection of indoor plants and succulents that can be bought on a budget and look fantastic. Small aloe vera plants can cost as little as a few pounds each and over time will grow into huge stylish props for your bedroom and provide a natural calming look. Many cactus plants do not require any any sunlight at all and are another great style addition for people who are lacking natural light, a big budget and desire an on trend bedside table style. Don’t forget to grab some stylish plant pots.

3: Grab a paint brush and make a big impact.

The most important thing about creating a great bedside table style – is making sure your table rocks! We particularly love the video above that shows just how easy it is to transform some basic bedside tables you could pick up on Facebook shop fairly cheap into something that is incredibly stylish and on-trend.

And that concludes our list of 3 budget bedside table style ideas. With a keen eye and some imagination, creating a designer look in your bedroom can be done on a budget and to great effect.

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